Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers



Hello Friends, have you ever heard the phrase? “There are no shortcuts to success.” 


Your answers would be, “Yes, of course.” 


Even though there are no shortcuts for success, but there are few shortcuts through which you can increase your website’s speed, and performance to achieve success. 


I have been asked one question commonly by my students, i.e. what is the best chrome extension for Blogger? 


If you are a blogger and you are putting lots of effort into getting traffic on your website, then this blog here will help you know simple yet powerful ways to enhance the website’s performance. 


This blog is about the best Google Chrome Extensions for Blogger. Let’s first try to understand Chrome, then chrome extensions. 


What is Chrome? 


Best Google Chrome Extensions
Best Google Chrome Extensions


Google chrome is the most popular browser in the world. There are enough browsers available for the users like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, but race belongs to the chrome extension. 




Because it has enough reasons to become the number 1 browser in the world. 

1. Faster than others

2. It can be enabled with all the smartphones in the world

3. Integrated with all the email tools

4. Right Analytics


Chrome browser is leading ahead with 43%, and Safari comes to the second position with 14%. It is sufficient to know the best browser in the world. 


Now, let’s move towards this blog’s main topic, i.e. Best google chrome extensions. 


Let’s talk about extensions because we are here to learn about Extensions. 


Extensions are the tools which got designed to improve the functionality of the browser. These extensions are straightforward to install and available for Free and Paid. 


How to Install extensions on Chrome browser: 


You can install the Chrome extension by following the below steps; 


1) Tab on Add to Chrome button 

2) On the next screen, tap the “Add Extension” button 

3) Extension has been added to Chrome.

4) It’s done with Chrome extension!



My List of Best Chrome Extensions: 


Today, we are here to discuss extensions that are free of cost, easy to add and provide value to the efforts of ranking your site on search engines. 



1.    WMS

2.    Ubersuggest 

3.    Moz

4.    Hunter 

5.    Grammarly

6.    GMass

7.    Check My Links

8.    SEO Quake

9.    VidIQ



Chrome Extensions for Grammar Check 




It is a tool which could have been available to our school days. We are not very fluent in English in terms of grammar and spelling mistakes too. Grammarly is the tool that helps you to rectify your grammar with the help of an extension.

Content writing is an essential part of blogging, and writing content with the proper grammar always impresses viewers and Google to take notice. It gives you traffic and ranking. 


Chrome Extensions for Keyword Research


What’s My SERP (WMS Everywhere): 


The first step in Blogging is Keyword research. Keyword research on google is the most common technique of Blogger. 


Two years back, I always used Keywords Everywhere, but the problem started when this got paid, and there was no option for keyword research for more than six months; finally, I found a chrome extension called WMS Everywhere. 


WMS chrome extension shows you keywords search volume and CPC (Cost per click). You can compare it and decide the right keywords for your blog. 



Like WMS everywhere, Ubersuggest is a Free and accurate extension. I have been using this extension to compare the keywords search volume before using it.


Ubersuggest shows Search volume with CPC, and it also gives you SEO difficulty (SD) of the keywords. Ubersugest also shows SEO metrics graph to check the monthly ranking. 


Chrome Extensions for Competitor Research


top 10 chrome extensions


SEO Quake: This is created by one of the best Digital Marketing tool company called SEMrush.


SEO Quake is one more extension to check organic search data with SEO Metrics like keyword difficulty (KD) with a single click of a button. I use SEO Quake primarily to see Domain Authority and Domain Traffic of competitor’s site. It helps me to find a gap between competitors where I can rank my keywords quickly based on the below parameters: 

  • Domain Backlinks
  • Subdomain Backlinks
  • Google Index
  • Bing Index
  • Alexa Rank
  • Age
  • SEMrush rank



This extension is developed by MOZ, and I use it to check link metrics and site analysis scores. I can see Page authority, Domain authority, and significant Spam score. 


It helps to check the on-page status of competitors’ sites and do your SEO plan to counter-attack. 


Chrome Extensions for Email Marketing


top 10 chrome extensions


I use Gmass to send a mass email directly from my Gmail account. It is a straightforward tool to use; compose your email as you do every time and in the second step, add a list of email IDs in the “TO” box.


Here, you don’t need to add email IDs in the “BCC” section. You can add all the mail IDs in the TO section. It maintains privacy by not showing email IDs to other recipients. 


Currently, GMass allows you to send 2000 emails per day. It might be one email to 2000 or 4 emails to 500 each. 



Email marketing can’t be done without email IDs. It is essential to find Email IDs. Hunter helps you to find the email IDs of your prospective client list with ease.


All you need is to add the chrome extension of Hunter in the browser with your official Id only, and then you can find the email Ids of the senior authorities of that particular company. 


Check My Link: 

This extension will not help you check or send emails but generate meaningful data from a prospective client’s website. For every site that has not been updated for a few months, there are chances of broken links, Valid Links, and warnings. 


You can collect such data and email it to those prospective clients and let them know the issues on the site where you can request to fix it. Such emails help you to build relationships and might be the lead for the tour business. 


Chrome Extensions for Video Marketing


video marketing tool 

Vid IQ: 

Video content is a trend today. According to a survey, Indians watch video content with an average of 2.5 hours per day. YouTubers are generating content and posting on YouTube and getting paid as well. 


VidIQ is my favourite extension on YouTube. It helps you to analyze channel performance, Tags, Description, and Topics. You can take a reference and create your popular tags easily with the help of VidIQ. 


Tube Buddy:

Tube Buddy is another must extension for YouTube content. You can judge both the tools and finalize your tags for your Video.


Both the extensions are free, and you can save the time of research to complete tags. You can also decide your topic based on giving data on trends. 




Friends, I have shared the Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions with you all, and you will save time and some energy while using these extensions. 


I am using these tools for the last two years and have never used any paid tools to check grammar, keyword research, and competition analysis. If you want to learn the technique of using these chrome extensions, then do watch my Video. 


Watch video on My Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

You can also comment and let me know about your experience with these extensions.


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