Netflix Marketing Strategy

Netflix Marketing Strategy
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If I ask you which platform you prefer to watch movies or web series online, what will be your answer?

Netflix, Amazon prime, Hotstar, Zee 5, etc and the list has become endless. Mine is Amazon Prime, the reason being I prefer to watch old movies and being an Indian from heart, I look for Bollywood Masala and affordability. 

But I also see people who use Netflix and are super excited for weekends to binge watch and chill. 

So, I thought why not do some research and share highlights on what is Netlflix Marketing Strategy in Indian audience. 

How is all Started

In 1997 Reed Hastings & Marc Randolph came together and launched Netflix. Netflix started as a DVD delivery service. 

Twenty-three years on, it’s the world leader in film & TV streaming with over 104 million subscribers and revenue of $2 billion. 

Amazon, Hotstar are all gunning for first place. So how do Netflix continue to rule the streaming roost? 

Let’s look at 3 ways innovative Netflix content marketing plan in India to remain ‘King of the Stream.’

Netflix Strategies

Netflix was launched in India in 2016 with the worldwide rollout in 190 nations to cater second largest population of India. 

As a part of  the “Netflix Marketing Strategy”, Netflix has been developing its neighborhood record, beginning with its first Indian unique Sacred Games, which was as of late selected in the International Emmy Awards.

India holds solid potential for streaming videos. Evaluations recommend that  India will have 500 million cell phones and 650 million internet users in 2020.  

Nearest competitor is Amazon Prime at present, which appears to have the high ground in India, with reasonable cost and focus on local content, however, apparently, Netflix is taking efforts to contend with Amazon in India.

With 1.2 million subscribers in 2018 to 2 million subscribers in IndiaNetflix India is number two video streaming company. 

Netflix India reported revenues of Rs. 466.7 crore for FY19 with a net profit of Rs. 5.1 crore.

So what is the “Netflix Marketing Strategy” and their planning to continue to rule the streaming roots in India? 

Let’s look at 5 Ways Netflix Content Marketing plans to remain ‘King of the Streaming.’

Original Content Production

Original content production is the USP of “Netflix Marketing Strategy”. 

Netflix content continues to produce quality original content in India. 

They set aside annual revenue worth $20.5 billion in 2019 and enjoyed year on year growth with number one position in the US. 

netflix strategy

Netflix Originals was launched Firstly in March 2011, Netflix content moved away from dependency and began producing its content known as: ‘Netflix Originals.’ 

Netflix Originals content is associated with India’s topmost names and top writers, directors, and talent, they took on a ‘content first’ strategy. 

This was unique in India as it offered free-reign to  filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane. 

These young talents wore Director’s cap and made India’s first web series “Sacred Games”. 

For Sacred Games, Netflix’s first Indian original series based on Vikram Chandra’s 2006 thriller with the same name, casting Saif Ali Khan as Sartaj Singh and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Gaitonde and shooting on the streets of Mumbai. 

netflix brand strategy

  • With over 1 lac searches, India’s first Netflix unique Sacred Games as of now includes in the Google top ranking trends.
  • According to a Statista study of the overall revenue of Netflix in India from 2017 to 2020′ Netflix is required to produce roughly $328.3 millions with its Indian video streaming sector in 2020.
  • India subscriber base would have crossed 1.2 million out of 2019. That is close to Amazon Prime Video’s 2 million or more paid subs, and household OTT advertises pioneer Hotstar’s 3 million.

In addition to the “Netflix Marketing Strategy”, they also threw out the traditional piloting process, with two seasons up-front guaranteed. 

In 2019, Netflix content is a part originals series of Bard of Blood, Lust Stories, Delhi Crime, Sarfarosh Saraghrarhi, Baahubali (Before the beginning) with international shows The Kominsky Method, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Black Mirror and with many more such originals shows, as they continue to produce original quality content in India.

Netflix also ran a series of videos to promote their original content series House of Cards with video of Alok Nath with Biswa and Boman Irani.

netflix content marketing

Content Marketing

For their upcoming Original film, War Machine featuring Brad Pitt, Netflix has circled in Shahrukh Khan and Rohan Joshi, both influencers in their own right, to advance the move in India. 

They made a video, bringing SRK and Brad Pitt on one phase and screen.

Target Marketing

How do Netflix decides on its target audience? 

Your personalized experience is a result of user-behavior tracking, interests, and preferences, using complex algorithms. 

This data triggers sections like: ‘Your Top Picks,’ to improve user-engagement.

“About 75% to 80% of what people watch on Netflix comes from what Netflix recommends, not from what people search for.” – Todd Yellin VP of Product Innovation – Huffington Post Interview.

They can react to consumer trends in real-time because of this data. 

For instance, a 2013 study in the US showed that 76% of users had a tendency to binge-watch shows. 

As a result, Netflix started releasing shows in full seasons to meet the demand. 

Netflix implemented the same strategy in India under which Netflix created action-based crime thrillers like Sacred Games and Delhi Crime.

Furthermore, the  A/B test trailers and posters on their users, based on their gender, age, location and watch history. 

For example, a middle-aged woman from  India may see trailers focusing more on a shows strong female characters. 

This targeted advertising is essential to the continued success of Netflix as a platform.

Social Media Savvy

Social Media Savvy is the third step of “Netflix Marketing Strategy”. 

The company has also started partnerships with online media companies like Glitch. 

They strategically position ads for their shows alongside relevant articles. 

A famous example is a New York Times article on female prisoners with a perfectly positioned ad for the new season of ‘Orange is the New Black’ positioned right alongside.

Netflix really embraces their fun reputation through their social media voice, by matching their social media posts to the tone of their shows.

Social Media Marketing

Netflix & Chill The meme ‘Netflix and Chill’ went viral in 2009. 

The term refers to dating culture in which ‘chill’ is a code word for sex. 

Netflix embraced this trend when traditional companies may have distanced themselves.

As a result, the term is now a big part of their brand. 

By embracing the trend, they established the company as a cool, young brand and in turn showed they are in tune with their consumer base.

In conclusion, with such smart Marketing Strategies in place, it’s no wonder that Netflix is ‘King of the Stream,’ and it seems like they won’t be kicked off their perch anytime soon.

Influencer Marketing

Another major point in “Netflix Marketing Strategy” is Influencer Marketing. 

As per the report of Zefmo Media, 65% of marketing experts believe that influencer marketing helped in leveraging brand awareness. 

Unlike other OTT platform Hotstar, Voot and Sony LIV who have strong television and digital network, Netflix created their own way out and got associated with micro celebrities or influencers. 

On their first campaign, influencers like Sumit Vyas and Nidhi Singh have featured together.

Influencer Marketing

Great User Experience with Original Content 

Last point of “Netflix Marketing Strategy” is User Experience and Original Content. 

It tracks what you’re viewing, the time you’re viewing it at, what sort Netflix content you watch and at what time, when do you rewind, how frequently do you delay, are you avoiding the introduction. furthermore, much more.

Their calculation causes them to comprehend your own decisions and online conduct and customizes and better your experience each and every time you sign in.


Netflix certainly realized what they are doing to create content for Indian market in the wake of the young population. 

There is no doubt that “Netflix Marketing Strategy” has worked wonderfully in India till date, let us see how well their strategy works ahead or do they make any changes in it. 

They effectively use influencers to promote their content and they cautiously plan and structure the campaign so as to keep engagement level high. 

Subscribers are getting educated by social media plan and they work superbly in charming their crowd with the flawlessly custom-made contributions, the language and the comical inclination that gets them really amazing outcomes.

Netflix might be one of the top OTT brands as a result of their shows yet they successful since it gives advertisers a point of view on how a content marketing strategy ought to be adaptable with changing demand

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