What is Backlinks in SEO

What is Backlinks in SEO
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What are Backlinks in SEO is very important to understand.  

In the age of the internet, the thrust of advertising and publicity is on having a strong presence on the web. 

Any attempt to draw customer attention will fail if the web domain is not mastered by the marketer. 

However, the rise of the internet has led to an ocean of information on the web. The number of websites and web pages on the web are countless.  

This gives rise to the problem of visibility on the web, which is so critical from the perspective of marketing.

Over the years, search engines have become the primary source of finding information on the internet.  

Search engines such as Google make use of web crawlers to find information according to the entered keywords. 

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine optimization (SEO)

The information is presented to the user in the order of relevancy which is determined based on the keyword entered by the user.  

In determining the relevancy, the search engine uses complex algorithms.  

For example, if a user enters the term ‘Hiking Equipment’ the search engine will, through the use of algorithmic formulations throw up a range of web links that provide information relating to hiking equipment.  

These links could vary from suppliers of hiking equipment to general informational content on hiking equipment.  

Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the marketer’s web address features among the top results of a search carried out on a search engine.  

The set of techniques used by marketers to achieve this is known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

SEO Type


The techniques can be broadly divided into 

  1. On-site techniques  
  1. Off-page SEO 

This article “What is a backlink in SEO” deals with the latter.  

Off-site SEO techniques cover a broad spectrum of strategies and tactics that are implemented outside the concerned website to build backlinks to the concerned website from other web addresses. 

This is done with the purpose that a user at web address ‘a’ will find a link at that address to connect to the concerned website.  

This can be done in various ways. The most common method is to submit articles to online directories that are accessible to millions of internet users across the world.  

The content in the article will lead the user to the concerned website. It is also expected that the reader of the article would use the content at another web address by giving the link to the directory and the concerned website as a source of the article. 

This helps in creating one-way links to the concerned website. In the search engine industry, the more one-way links a site has from off-site locations; the higher its rankings are on the search engine.  

This, in turn, increases the visibility of the website on the search engine for a given keyword. The other technique used is to issue press releases to direct the user to the concerned website. 

This is similar to the use of articles and other content for diverting traffic to the website.  

Another variation of this off-page SEO technique is to use other frequently visited web pages to build links.  

Such websites could include industry association websites or generic websites providing information on the industry concerned.  

Another not so well-working techniques is to submit the website directly to the search engine. In using these backlinking techniques it is very important to follow ethical best practices in building links off-site.

For instance, buying links or using irrelevant keywords although an easy option, may invite the frown of search engines which are very prompt in blacklisting websites for such conduct. 

Backlinks are crucial but how can you get them?

benefits of link building

A backlink is a link outside a particular website that connects the user to the website.  

On the internet, a backlink serves as a path leading to the desired address for the user navigating the countless pages available on the web. 

Why backlinks are important in SEO:

  1. The no. of backlinks to the website increases the rankings of the website on a search engine. This means that for a given keyword entered in a search engine, a high ranked website feature among the top search results in the search engine. 
  2. Research suggests that nearly 60% of users of search engines do not go beyond the first page of a search.  
  3. Further, over 90% do not go beyond the third page. This explains the importance of building backlinks from the perspective of page visibility. 

Techniques of building backlinks

There are many techniques of building backlinks also known as “off-page SEO”. Techniques that artificially build links by either 

  1. White Hat: A two-way exchange of links 
  2. Black Hat: Buying links are considered to be inappropriate and may lead to the downgrading of rankings in search engines or even blacklisting. 

However, there are many techniques that create genuine links to the concerned website that are based on relevancy and content. 

Most Popular way of doing backlinks:

  1. The most common way of how to get backlinks is to post content on the web outside the concerned website so that the reader of content sees a link to the page.  
  2. Such content can be posted on online directories that are human-controlled. This type of back-linking is known as one-way back-linking and is the most useful form of back-linking for the purpose of SEO.  
  3. This can be done through articles or press releases that provide information about the marketers’ product or the marketer itself. 
  4. Another technique is to have reciprocal links, which involves the use of link exchanges where two marketers can post the other’s link on their websites.  
  5. For instance, a manufacturer of snorkelling equipment may put a link for snorkeling avenues and vice versa.

What to avoid during creating Backlinks

  1. Reciprocal links are not acceptable nowadays. However, in recent years the practice of reciprocal links is not viewed favourably by search engines such as Google as it does not vouch for the genuine popularity of the link.

types of backlinks

2. Similarly, the use of spam should be strictly avoided as that can entail severe penalties from search engines in the form of downgrading. Marketers may create contests that entice web users to visit the concerned website.  

seo backlinks

Pay Per Click Backlinks


Lastly, the most obvious method is to submit advertisements to the search engine and opt for a pay per click program. 

In this the search engine allows the marketer to place adverts on the search engine by providing a key words phrase. 

If the keywords are entered in the search engine, then the advert appears alongside the search results. 

The marketer pays only if the user clicks the website. This is a more direct form of blacklining and is more akin to traditional advertising.


  1. Backlinks have the ability to put your targeted keywords on the number one page of Google. 
  2. The use of “White hat” backlinks with the right keyword makes it more beneficial than “Grey” or “Black hat” backlinks. 
  3. Backlinks allow you to use your keywords as headings and titles and giving a boost to your site’s optimization. 
  4. High DA Websites are seen as High-Quality Sites by Search Engines with the help of Backlinks. 
  5. Backlinks all you get a reference from high DA and PA sites that will automatically have a faster and more effective impact on total site performance and rankings. 
  6. Backlinks can build trust in your brand by visitors. 
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