Swiggy Digital Marketing Strategy 2020

Swiggy Digital Marketing Strategy
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Organic SEO includes On-Page and Off-Page work to get your site on Google Page One, Top 10 Search Results Page. 

This is blog is all about  “On-page SEO activities” of Swiggy.  

Here, we will try to understand the impact of “On-Page SEO Activities” in the success of the Swiggy’s website.

In this article, we will try to understand the Swiggy digital marketing strategy 2020 plan which includes Keyword Analysis and Recommendations, Content Strategy for On-Page SEO.

Let’s discuss the “On-page SEO activities” of Indian most successful Online Food Delivery Company “SWIGGY”. 

Note: Off-page SEO activities will be discussed in the next blog.

digital marketing strategySwiggy Digital Marketing Strategy

The Indian online food delivery brand “Swiggy” is an example of how a start-up can succeed in  being smart on the online advertising strategy. 

Swiggy is an Indian company based in Bangalore built up by three young entrepreneurs Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy and Rahul Jaimini in 2014.


Nandan and Sriharsha worked together on their first startup called Bundl a logistics aggregator that connected small and medium companies to courier service providers. 

With this experienced both passionate youngsters realized that there was  a strong need for an online hyperlocal logistics company in the Restaurant industry. 

These two gentlemen joined hands with Rahul to take care of software development and created a platform to serve customers. 

It all started in Bangalore with 6 delivery executives and 25 partner restaurants.

They discovered an opportunity in the online food ordering & delivery market and they made a revolution. 

They emphasize the optimization and intelligent use of Digital Marketing Strategy using tools such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. 

These individuals understood exactly how and whom to focus on the value proposition.

marketing strategy steps Swiggy Marketing Strategy

On other hand, the online food ordering and delivery players charge high prices and commissions which not everyone can afford. 

Under this “unfair” market, Zomato was the redoubtable leader, these young entrepreneurs identified an opportunity. 

A niche for low priced online food ordering and delivery that they would be able to reach and build, one of India’s most sought-after consumer internet firms.

Does every startup need to enter a market with an innovative, new, or completely different product to be successful? 

It seems it was not the case for these youth. 

They focused on two broad objectives: 

Create Brand Awareness and Drive Online Sales. 

The Result: A Profit gain of 15 million euros in their first year.

Target Market of Swiggy:

On-page SEO activities

On-page SEO activities

Before planning  “On-page SEO activities”, it is very important is to cater to the right Indian audience with the expectation of good traffic with respect to the qualities, ages, and code of conduct of Indian consumers. 

Seeing India’s market size, Swiggy has an incredible population to target however its primary and perfect objective crowd is the ages of 18-40.

These are the individuals who are undergrads, working experts or business owners who have a decent way of life and are living in elegant regions.

On-Page SEO Activities of Swiggy:

The Second step of Swiggy’s Digital Marketing strategy to work over “On-page SEO activities” is refers to the process of optimizing website pages to improve a website’s ranking on search engine result pages to get the organic traffic. 

In addition to publishing relevant and high-quality content, “on-page SEO activities” includes optimizing your headlines, HTML tags (title, Meta, and header), and images.

Swiggy website pages are very much easy to understand the techniques of On-Page ranking. 

Swiggy’s prime focus is on very important keyword i.e.

Order Food Online

Let’s understand why this keyword is the most important keyword in India. 

Search volume of this keyword is 60,500 searches per month with Page Difficulty of 100.

Primary Keyword:

Primary Keyword

Secondary Keyword:

  1. Food delivery service with 12,000 search volume
  2. And Order from restaurants near you

Secondary Keyword

Meta Title Tag:

Meta Title Tag

Meta Description:

Meta Description is very important in SERP result. Crawler can emphasize lot on Oder Food Online. 

Users can also identify their search relevancy with keywords in description. 

As a primary keyword ‘Order Food Online” placement is very much suitable.

Meta Title Tag

Heading Tags:

Heading Tags:

H1 Tags: Hungry

Swiggy has only one H1 tag. H1 tag should be one ideally.

H2 Tag: Order food from favorite restaurants near you.

Here, Swiggy is targeting “restaurants near you”. Swiggy is available across 10+ cites in India and it has a decent search volume at different location wise. 

H2 tiles represent the site for Google Crawler while indexing.


Swiggy Team has included all the cities where Swiggy started their operation.

Order Food Online: It is the primary keyword.Order Food Online


“On-page SEO activities” is played very important. 

Your keywords can rank by just working On-Page activities too. 

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