Internet Safety Tips for Kids

internet safety tips for kids
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After the Covid-19 pandemic, every one of us has shifted to digital life including kids.

As schools have shifted to online classes and assignments, our kids are being online mostly the entire day. With the usage also comes the pain points for parents. 

So I thought of writing a blog on Internet safety tips for kids and teens

One in five children is assaulted in some manner over the Internet, according to the National Centre for Missing & Exploited Children. 

Aside from that frightening statistic, reading stories about innocent young children accidentally viewing unmentionable images simply because they misspelled an URL is a reason enough to be sure you have controls in place on your computer. 

Everyone loves the internet but I’m familiar enough with strategies to stay safe, but does you and your child?

Do you follow internet safety tips for kids at home?

Let’s check this out. 

Even though the internet is no new thing today still many of us who are intellectuals, obsessive, introverted, and lacking social skills…OK, a LOT.

Many among us don’t even think that internet safety tips for kids is very important to discuss in today’s time that too after Corona Pandemic. 

Kids have started spending more time on the internet as they cannot go outside and play around. Social gatherings and meetings have been stopped due to new rules and guidelines.

Parents should get more involved in their children’s lives than ever.

internet safety tips

With all that information now at our fingertips thanks to Google, you can find virtually anything online. 

This is both a blessing and a curse.

In India, the majority of the parents have a lot of sources to get the flow of information about today’s new trends about Mobile App, Gaming, and Websites that loved by kids and teens. 

We can easily figure it out “good” and “Bad” trends for our kids and teens. 

Internet safety tips for kids starts with the parents to the kids. 

Since our lifestyle, customs, professional life and business is everyone’s priority and weaknesses. 

It doesn’t allow us to spend more time shortlisting interesting websites and articles that can impact a kid’s overall growth and banning those websites that I wouldn’t want my children to see. 

However, most teenagers are interested in very different subjects that online predators have made themselves purposely familiar with. 

Our verbal warnings may be acknowledged, but like many topics parents try to impose on their teens, are usually filed in their “Paranoid Parent” mental file. 

Add to that the availability of personal information that social networks can reveal in the lives of most teens (and adults!) and you have a recipe for disaster.

What can Parents do?

online safety guide

First, start with the Basics: Talk to Your Kid or Teen 

They may roll their eyes because they are likely more “computer savvy” than you, but if you remember when you were a teen, no situation seemed impossible. 

Even if you think they aren’t listening, your words of warning will whisper to them from the back of their minds. 

Keep your warnings brief and to the point. 

Let them know some important danger signals and how to recognize them. Encourage them to tell you, but at the very least, shut down or restart the computer.

Some good articles on internet safety tips for kids to help you communicate key concepts to your children:

Set up Parental Controls

parental control software

In the past, I’ve found that the parental controls didn’t do much except cause frustration to anyone using that computer. 

It seemed that over-blocking or not blocking at all made the effort futile. 

Information abounds online on ways to set your computer for safer usage.

Search for “parental controls” and add your version like Windows 10 or iPad 2 or whatever you are working with or check out:


Use Google’s Safe Search-A Must Do

google safe web browsing

We’re only covering Google Chrome since it’s used for over 90% of online search. 

If you don’t know how to set your search preferences, it’s very simple and will only take a minute. 

If you don’t use Google, it’s easy to search for safety choices on your browser of choice.

Setting up safe search on Google varies depending on what device you are on, but here is a link that will block the worst on Google Chrome:

Be sure to save preferences before you leave the page. 

I have found this works very well for me, rarely encountering a remotely questionable site. 

Use Child Safety Filtering Services 

internet filtering software

It used to be enough that setting the family computer in a central location and occasionally checking the search history (try: Control+Shift+H to see a recent history of visited sites) was enough. 

It’s gone way beyond that, which is why there are so many child safety filtering services out there now. 

But how do you choose? 

Most internet security suites offer parental controls, but they are reported to never be as fully functional and effective as stand-alone programs.

Here are some simple Internet safety tips for kids;

10 internet safety tips

1. Try not to give anybody your secret key, name, address, the name of your school or any data about your family.

2. Try not to converse with outsiders on the Internet 

3. Try not to consent to meet anybody in person that you’ve met on the web.

4. Try not to fill in a profile that requests your name and address.

5. Try not to visit a talk room without a grown-up’s/parent’s consent.

6. Try not to remain on the web all the time.

7. Try not to post pictures of yourself without your folks’ authorization.

8. Try not to download or introduce anything on your PC without your folks’ authorization.

9. On the off chance that you have any inquiries about something you read, ask your parent or any adult at home. 

10. On the off chance that you are conversing with somebody on the web and they make you awkward, recall you don’t need to sass them.

Every parent wants to protect their child. I guess our Parental instincts work in the same way. 

I have personally benefitted from the above internet safety tips for kids and made online surfing safe for my daughter. Give it a try and let me know your experience. 

I would be more than happy if you have any more information or tips to add. 

Stay Home…Stay Safe…and Stay Strong. 

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