Best “Free E-Commerce Blogger Templates” (SEO Friendly Templates in 2020)

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SoraCart Shopping Blogger Template for

SoraCart is one of the best Free eCommerce Blogger Templates you will find in the web. 


We would like to guide to those who are interested in e-commerce site to keep their business running smoothly. Those who are not in the position to invest and buy themes, they can avail for free theme. 

SoraCart is one of the most used Free eCommerce Blogger Templates (Paid version has few extra features) although free vision can give you a enough features to start with. 

This small article is about free e-commerce templates are designed to assist you to get a well-developed e-commerce website and to run it with ease.

The ecommerce shopping cart theme is available with FrontPage, Dynamic Footer, and Multi product formats. 

All you need to do is to modify the template draft according to your needs, maybe you’ll have to add links on your site to the SORA Cart pages to enhance functionality for viewing products, product search and checking out.

But it is less sophisticated than to create your own site. 

You’ll not need a server to host your site, so you can use the SORA Cart Ecommerce Shopping Cart Templates, and the ability to use a database (contact your hosting provider). 

Here are basic benefits of the templates.

Online admin dashboard, integrated Content management system; high level of data security, simple process for aggregating products and categories, enhanced search function, order details. Besides there is complete integration with world’s most famous payment systems (such as PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, etc). 

That’s not the complete list of features, which are offered by SORA. 

But if SORA doesn’t provide you with all functions, use FrontPage ecommerce templates, as they are very simple to install.

You can contact developer to modify functionality of any template. Here are some of the most attractive SORA e-commerce template designs.


Download Free eCommerce Blogger Templates:

(Download karne ke liye yaha click kare)

WordPress e-Commerce Templates

Drupal is one of the best Free eCommerce WordPress Templates.

WordPress is an open source CMS, which is created on PHP and uses MySQL as a database. 

The sphere of application of WordPress is huge: as well as the simplest blogs, complicated news portals can be created with a help of WordPress.

WordPress appeared in 2003, and was developing very fast since then. Now it is one of the most popular engines and about 12% of the biggest websites are powered by it. 

The idea is that WordPress is based on “themes” and “templates”. Of course, there are plenty of them in the Internet.

The simplest ones are used for building and maintaining a website or blog, while the most complicated can help you to create an online store. 

Actually, the last type of templates is the most interesting for our article. These templates are usually called WordPress e-commerce templates. 

You can download a lot of free and commercial templates from the internet. They can make your online store look different from other stores on the web and doesn’t matter what you are selling, your store will always look unique and will reflect your ideas.

Besides, these e-commerce templates can be installed in minutes! 

The only difficulty is that there is such tendency, that quality ecommerce templates are easy to find, but they are very expensive and, vice versa, free e-commerce templates are difficult to find, and quality free samples are almost impossible to find. 

But if you find such sample, we advise you to use it as a skeleton for your online store, because, firstly, it saves a lot of efforts and, otherwise, you would have to start from scratch, and, secondly, it saves money. 

We try to offer some variants for your online stores. Also always remember about drupal ecommerce templates. They are more complex, but allow to use many functions.

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