Best WordPress Plugins Free

Best WordPress Plugins Free
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The “best WordPress Plugins Free” makes your website or blog pull in more traffic, make it easier for your web pages to go viral using social bookmarking and other social media connections, track website visitor actions, and even convert visitors to buyers.


To start, the most important plugins to use to improve your ability to draw traffic from search engines, that is search engine optimization plugins (SEO).


They come both free and paid. The best SEO paid plugin adds a lot of capabilities to your tracking and evaluation of how well your site is doing, with suggestions about how to improve it.

The pros on the internet all track their results and make adjustments to their sites and their off-site marketing efforts to follow their strongest leads.


The number of people searching the internet is actually higher on smartphone mobile cell phones these days than on regular computers. Making your website pages show up more easily on the smaller screens is crucial to keep the visitor interested in your website. 


There are some excellent “free premium WordPress plugins”, that can do the job for you automatically by detecting what type of visitor you have – computer- or mobile-based – and adjusting the screen presentation accordingly.


Once a visitor arrives at your website, are you set up for direct marketing? If you are not clear what you want them to do while visiting, they won’t be either. 

Make sure you have a clear call to action to sign up for a free offer, such as an e-book, special report, video, mp3 audio, or another form of information media that helps the visitor solve a problem they may have. 


But direct marketing can also mean being a little more “pushy” without being obnoxious that moves across the page to attract the eye to the opt-in offer.


How do you know what your visitor wants? Your on-site SEO will have identified the keywords that people search to find your site. Then you need to have information on your site that they want. 


Your goal may be to sell them your products and/or services – their first goal is probably just to find free information. Give it to them.


They say that the “money is in the list” for a reason. Few of us buy something right away unless we are done with our free research phase. 


If you give people information during the early phase of their information gathering, you can keep sending out emails, educating them on the topic of their interest, and including offers to buy your products and services later on — when they may be much closer to the buying decision. So, building a list using plugins is crucial.

The WordPress plugin directory is overflowing with plugins and we are hoping to make things easier for you. We have picked out 15 “free premium WordPress plugins that are worth the try. 


Don’t forget to give credit to the plugin developers for the wonderful job they are doing. We have tested these plugins ourselves and will soon be sharing our feedback on this blog. Don’t forget to subscribe and stay updated with the best of what WordPress has to offer.

1st Plugin

Akismet slide plugin is an excellent plugin and is found useful mostly among plugin and theme developers. It will ban spamming on the website. This plugin reviews and filters every comment that is coming on your website. 

No. 2 – TinyMCE Description

2nd WordPress Plugin

Marco Buttarini, the developer behind this plugin has put in some thought behind this plugin’s development. It is easy to use and is a favorite among photobloggers. What this plugin does is that it simply integrates TinyMCE editor to the description field of the picture in a NextGEN gallery.

No. 3 – The Social Links

3rd Plugin

The Social Links plugin simply adds a widget to your WordPress powered site or blog allowing you to display icons linking to your social profiles. It allows you to connect to social networks to get the correct link and you can now add usernames/ids instead of full links. Seagyn has really put some effort into this plugin. We will soon take a look at this plugin in detail. 

No. 4 – WooCommerce 

4th Plugin

One of the world’s most popular open-source eCommerce solutions and the best “WordPress plugins for eCommerce” available for free and is flexible. Whether you’re planning to launch a business, or taking shifting your traditional shop to online, or developing sites for end-users/clients, you must definitely use WooCommerce for a store as it that powerfully blends content and commerce. In WordPress, just search for “woo-commerce plugin free download” and make the best eCommerce site today. 

No. 5 – WordFence Security 

5th Plugin

The name says it all, WordFence – fencing the wordpress site. It is basically to provide safe and secure environment to our website. It comes with the updated firewall rules, malware signatures, and malicious IP addresses that are needed to keep our website safe. It is one of the best security solution available for WordPress.

No. 6 – Google XML Sitemaps 

6th Plugin

Use this “free premium WordPress plugins” to easily improve your site SEO and to create custom XML sitemaps which will greatly help the search engines like Google, Yahoo and others to better index your site.


With sitemap added in your site, it becomes much easier for the crawlers to see the complete structure of your site and retrieve it more efficiently and easily.

No. 7 – WP Super Cache 

7th Plugin

This plugin helps you in creating cache in simpler ways. If you are not comfortable with PHP files, then do use WP Super Cache plugin in your WordPress website. It is very easy to integrate and setup in WordPress. It will be creating static HTML files which are lesser in size and save time and space.

No. 8 – Google Analytics Dashboard

8th Plugin

You would have understood the meaning by the name itself. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin helps you by showcasing analytics of your WordPress website in real time. These analytics will let you know about how users are searching for you in search engines and visiting your website with location, bounce periods, and other important details. All this data for you to grow your business with confidence. 

No.9 – UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

9th Plugin

This “free premium WordPress plugins” is used for backing up the website data which can be easily restored anytime. You can setup manual schedules for the daily or weekly backups. All the files along with the databases is saved online on cloud platforms and can be restored in a click. This Plugin has more than millions of active downloads. You can backup your data on google drive, dropbox or any other online platform. 

No. 10 – Elementor Website Builder

10th Plugin

Gone are those days when we used to look for a developer or a technical expert to build a website. With Elementor Website Builder, anyone can build a website. You can be a marketer starting to sell online, or you can be a content writer planning to start your blogging website. With simple and easy to use widgets like drag and drop, customize predefined themes, add columns and images and achieve perfection in your website. 

No. 11 – Smush Image Compression and Optimization

11th Plugin

The word smush means crushing something, but why is that required in a dynamic WordPress Website. The Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin helps your website and database by optimizing and compressing the heavy images. This in turn will increase the website speed and help you in ranking on search engines. Do not worry, it will not impact the image quality while compression. 

No. 12 – Contact Form 7

12th Plugin

When building a website, we all need to add contact form so that our customers, vendors and all users can contact us or share their comments or queries via blog commenting. Contact Form 7 plugin lets you design multiple contact forms with proper validation and customization. 

No. 13 – Yoast SEO

13th Plugin

By now we all know that making a website is not enough, we also need to work on the SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization and you will not find any better tool than Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO plugin helps you to easily add keyphrases, manage meta tag and description, add keywords and synonyms.  In simple terms, Yoast SEO plugin will help you in optimizing your website and speed up your ranking on search engines. 

No. 14 – Essential Addons for Elementor

14th Plugin

We already covered the use of Elementor Website Builder above, but this plugin gives you multiple unique blocks and templates for website designing in Elementor. You can create beautiful designs and customize them with built-in features.  It is a “free premium WordPress plugins” and a paid version is also available. 

No. 15 – Google Fonts Typography

15th Plugin

The Google Fonts library currently contains n number of unique fonts which can used in the WordPress Website by adding Google Fonts Typography plugin. 

This plugin allows you to play with multiple fonts in a single page. You can decide fonts for the adding, sub headings and paragraphs. You can easily preview the fonts and use them accordingly.

I have provided you with best and free premium WordPress Plugins which will help you in SEO and ranking of your website.

Do use these plugins and let me know which are your top 5 out of these. 

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