5G panic: Air India Cancels 8 US Flight; DGCA Works To Resolve The Situation- Read Now

Arun Kumar, chief of DGCA, told PTI that the Indian regulator of aviation was working in close coordination with Indian carriers to resolve the situation that had arisen from 5G internet deployments in the US.

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Air India has cancelled eight flights between India and the USA from Wednesday to avoid interference with their navigation systems.

PTI was informed by Arun Kumar, chief of DGCA, that the Indian aviation regulator was working closely with carriers to resolve the “situation” that had arisen in response to 5G internet deployments in the USA.

Federal Aviation Administration (USA) stated on January 14 that 5G interference with an aircraft’s radio altimeter could cause engine and brake systems to transition to landing mode. This could lead to an aircraft not being able stop on the runway.

The altimeter measures height above ground. The altimeter operates in a similar band to the 5G system.

Three airlines currently fly direct between India and the USA: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Air India.

PTI did not receive any responses from American Airlines or Delta Airlines regarding this matter.

air india

Air India announced on Twitter that eight flights between India and the US will not be operated on Wednesday due to the deployment of 5G communications in America.

These eight Air India flights were: Delhi-New York, New York-Delhi, Delhi-Chicago, Chicago-Delhi, Delhi- San Francisco, San Francisco-Delhi, Delhi-Newark and Newark-Delhi.

MUMBAI – Pandemic aside. The aviation industry is already facing difficulties again due to another airborne issue, this time, 5G mobile phone service deployments in the US. The US aviation regulator issued directives that impose strict operational restrictions on aircraft flying near 5G wireless ground transmission station due to concerns about interference with aircraft radio altimeters.
The affected airlines include Air India The only Indian airline that has a direct flight to the US is. These routes are also operated by it using US-made aircraft.
Indian 5G testing has begun. Air safety experts warn that they shouldn’t take place near airports or in areas where low-flying aircraft land.

The 5G C-band transmissions in the 5G frequency band with spectral closeness radio altimeter (RA) are the biggest problem for the aviation industry. The only sensor that can provide information about aircraft height above ground and other obstacles is radio altimeter. topic_Autoland” href=”https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/Autoland”>Autoland’ functions, all of which play critical roles, especially after the aircraft descends below 2,500 feet for an approach and landing. The constant feed of RA readings on aircraft height clearance over ground helps cockpit crew to gain situational awareness during low-visibility landings.
Internationally, the 4200-4400MHz band is reserved for radio altimeters.
topic_International-Air-Transport-Association” href=”https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/International-Air-Transport-Association”>International Air Transport Association last year.
topic_Amit-Singh” href=”https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/Amit-Singh”>Amit Singh, an air safety expert said: “In India, 5G deployment isn’t imminent. However, deployment is not the same as testing. The 5G waves will be transmitted to locations that are currently being tested. These 5G waves are not known by the relevant stakeholders, such as the airport operator, civil aviation regulator and airlines. This is dangerous as inadvertently anything could happen. Pilots should receive NOTAMs (notice). To ensure 5G testing is conducted at an airport safe distance, ministries should work together. It is not surprising that this idea has been floated.” He said that 5G testing was conducted in Kolkata by a mobile service provider on November 25th. On October 5, testing took place in Delhi.
topic_Boeing” href=”https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/Boeing”>Boeing and The letter requested that 5G rollout in the US be delayed, as it was scheduled to begin on Jan 5, 2022.

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