Why iPhone Manufacturing Plant Was On Probation in 2021 ? – READ NOW

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The Foxconn iPhone plant in India was shut down for weeks over working conditions row. The plant was put on probation by Apple

Foxconn the company that makes iPhones in India and has been featured in the media for a variety of motives. Foxconn’s iPhone plant was shut down for serving food that was contaminated to workers, causing workers to live in disgusting conditions. Apple had placed the facility on probation after protests by workers over the unfair treatment. The plant is scheduled to reopen on the day of today.


An alarming Reuters report from December revealed that workers were being forced to live in cramped dormitories that do not have adequate water supply in the toilets. The food they were served was contaminated with worms. The workers were also placed upon the ground in rooms which were home to between six and thirty women. The situation deteriorated when 259 employees suffered from food poisoning following the consumption of the food that was contaminated. Of the 259 workers, 100 were admitted to hospitals. Apple had temporarily stopped iPhone production at Foxconn temporarily, and placed the factory on probation until working conditions could be resolved.

Just a few weeks after the plan that included 17000 workers was temporarily shut down for a few weeks, The Foxconn plant is ready to resume operation from today. According to Reuters news report Apple announced that its Foxconn plant located in Chennai will be in probation and will continue inspecting the working conditions of workers’ dormitories as well as dining halls, as well as independent auditors.”Workers are expected to resume work slowly once we are sure that our standards are fulfilled in each dining and dormitory,” Apple said in an announcement.


Responding to the issue, Foxconn said, “We have implemented a range of corrective actions to ensure this cannot happen again and a rigorous monitoring system to ensure workers can raise any concerns they may have, including anonymously.” The report also reveals that the plan will resume production using no more than 100 employees.

The Foxconn plant located in India manufactures iPhone 12 models whereas the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE second generation are produced in Wistron. Wistron manufacturing facility in Bengaluru. Soon, the iPhone 13 will also join the ranks that includes “made-in-India” iPhones. The top-selling iPhones, including those like the iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XR are produced in India. According to reports, Apple produces 70 percent of its phones in India

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Iphone on probation
lant in India was shut down for weeks over working conditions row. The plant was put on probation by Apple
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