A woman was robbed of $300,000 by a cryptocurrency scams: Here’s everything we know about it. A woman was able to lose around $390,000 when a fraudster tricked the victim into investing her money in cryptocurrency. She was able to meet him on an app for dating that is the newest method used by scammers to target younger people.


The number of scams involving cryptocurrency is increasing.

A woman was scammed out of $3000 when fraudsters conned her into investing in cryptocurrency.

The scammer met her via an app for dating.

The number of scams involving cryptocurrencies is currently on the increase. A number of cases of cryptocurrency fraud have been posted on the internet. Recently an investor from Ahmedabad was scammed out of 1.25 lakh after being attracted to invest in crypto with the promise that the person would receive double the amount.

More than two thousand cryptocurrency investors were reported to have been scammed of around 40 crore. The woman who was scammed is down $3000,000 due to an enticing scammer enticed the victim into investing money in cryptocurrency.

Niki Hutchinson who was a 24-year-old social media journalist from Tennessee was a user of the Hinge dating app. Through the app, she connected with an individual known as Hao. They exchanged messages for over a month, then she was one of the victims.

He first earned her trust, and then urged the woman to put money into cryptocurrency after the scammer learned that she was left with nearly $300,000 in the proceeds of the sale of her childhood home following her mother’s passing.

Based on the photo posted from The New York Times the fraudster had stated that he wanted to instruct her how to make investments in crypto, something that he claimed will “bring an additional income.”

Then, she agreed to the deal and transferred the small amount of crypto to a wallet account he had given her. The scammer swindled her into declaring that the account that she was sending money was associated with a crypto exchange known as ICAC.

After she realized that the money was on this site and she began investing more using Hao since she was amazed by it was so easy to earn money in a short time. She also later used all her savings on the platform for trading in crypto.

At the end of December in 2021 Hutchinson became suspicious after she was unable to take money out of her account. A customer service representative for ICAC advised her that her account was frozen , and that she was first required to pay hundreds of dollars in tax. Hao went missing, as per the report released by NYT. Hao is now working alongside local Florida police to locate the fraudster.

Hutchinson said that she’s not expecting the money she invested back however she would like people to be aware in the event that someone claims they can assist them in investing in cryptocurrency. “You see all these stories of people who become millionaires. It felt like, oh it’s a new trend and I’m supposed to be part of it,” she told NYT.

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