Apple has stopped selling iPhones to Russians? Apple has stopped selling its products online in Russia. In an announcement, Apple said it has “paused the sales of all products within Russia.” It is true that we could access Apple’s Russian website, however its online store states that it’s not available for the region.

Russian's banned for Apple IPhone


  1. Apple has issued an announcement regarding the Russian attack on Ukraine.
  2. The company has stopped all sales of its products including iPhone in Russia.
  3. The week before, Apple stopped Apple Pay in Russia and blocked live traffic on Apple Maps in Ukraine.

Apple has halted sale of iPhones iPads, iPhones, Macs as well as other hardware devices in Russia. This latest decision is an obnoxious response to Russia following its invasion of Ukraine at the end of last month. Apple has previously limited Apple Pay in Russia, blocked Russian applications like Sputnik as well as RT News from the App Store outside of Russia and blocked live traffic for Ukraine in Apple Maps in its efforts to show its support for Ukraine.

In an announcement, Apple said it has “paused all sales of its products across Russia.” It was reported that the company could access Apple’s Russian website, but the online store states that it’s closed for the Russian region.

This week, Apple stopped all exports to Russia and certain software restrictions, according to Apple was among the few measures taken to help Ukraine as well as “stand with all people suffering due to these violences.” Alongside Apple and other tech companies, others like Google, Meta (formerly Facebook) and Netflix have placed restrictions on their products on its products within Russia.

Although Apple hasn’t stated if it was a decision taken strategically to block the sale of iPhones as well as other physical goods in Russia however, on the same day, Ukrainian Vice-Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov sent an open letter sent to Apple and urged the company to remove Russia out of their global business. Fedorov urged Apple to “stop providing Apple products and services for Russia. Russian Federation” and asked that it block access for Russia to its App Store. According to Fedorov’s analysis that actions like these “will encourage [the] young and active populace of Russia to prevent the shameful military assault” in Ukraine.

The slowdown in sales of apple’s products that are physical in Russia could be due to disruptions of cargo and flights. A number of countries have banned flights and shipping to Russia. Because Apple does not produce or construct iPhone as well as other items in Russia and relies on imports from other nations. Due to the ban it’s almost impossible for Apple to ship its products into Russia.

Apple stated that it is continuing “to assess what is happening” regarding Russia in the coming days and that it is “in talks with the relevant governments about the actions we’re taking.” It didn’t provide a list of the governments mentioned in its statement, however the latest action taken by Apple will entitle Russian customers of purchasing a new iPhone through Apple’s stores.

Here’s the full Apple statement:

We are extremely concerned by our concern over the Russian invading Ukraine and we stand with the Ukrainians who suffer due to the violence. We support humanitarian efforts and providing assistance to the growing refugee crisis and do everything we can to help our teams operating in the region.

Our company took a variety of steps as a response to the invasion. We have stopped all product sale in Russia. In the last week, we shut down all exports to our sales channel within Russia. Apple Pay as well as other options were restricted. RT News and Sputnik News are no longer available to download on the App Store outside of Russia. We’ve also removed both live and traffic incidents on Apple Maps in Ukraine as an extra measure of security and safety for Ukrainian citizens.

The team will continually assess the situation and remain communicating with relevant authorities about the actions we’re taking. We stand with the rest of the globe who are demanding peace.

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