Why Suresh Raina Left Unsold In IPL Season ?

Suresh Raina was not sold during auction in this IPL Season in 2022.IPL Auction 2022: Suresh Raina going unsold sure shocked me, says Sunil Gavaskar.

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IPL2022 Auction One of the greatest auctions in the Indian Premier League Suresh Raina who had a starting price of Rs 2 crore, was not sold as there were no bids for the two-day auction in Bengaluru.


  • Suresh Raina 35, was not sold in the IPL 2022 auction.
  • Former CSK Star was not an element of the auction procedure.
  • Raina was last a player with Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2021.

The legendary India batsman Sunil Gavaskar has admitted that he was shocked that there were no bidders for Suresh Raina during the Indian Premier League (IPL) huge auction. Raina 35 was without a bid on Day 1 of the auction’s mega sale in Bengaluru and wasn’t even on those returned for the faster procedure at the conclusion on the 2nd day bidding process.

Suresh Raina was offered his starting price of 2 crore, was unable to get a response from his former team Chennai Super Kings, ultimately going un-sold at the very first tournament in history.

In an interview with Sports Tak, Sunil Gavaskar expressed his satisfaction with the news that players like of Ishant Sharma and Amit Mishra did not get sold as the two have been described as “one-dimensional” players, but Raina, who is a versatile all-rounder and not getting an offer did shock the famous opener.

Despite the fact that some teams were in need of skilled India batters, an offer didn’t come through for Raina. “Chinna Thala,” player of CSK could have had his last IPL match, which would have ended his long and successful career, during which he was an integral pillar of force to The Super Kings.

“For Raina, I was certainly amazed. He’s left-handed, he does off-spin bowling and is seasoned,” Gavaskar said.


“In the final season, when he played on the Dubai pitches which have lots of bounce, He did appear a little worried and that’s the reason I think that people believed that even in India we’ll have fast bowlers. So maybe the team didn’t pick him because of that. The franchises alone can provide us with the reason for this impression regarding him.” said the man.

A former Chennai Super Kings star has recorded 5528 runs over 204 games in the history of the IPL. He ranks fourth on the list of top players in the IPL just ahead of Virat Kohli (6283), Shikhar Dhawan (5784) and Rohit Sharma (5611).

But, he resigned from international cricket in the year 2020. and did not participate in cricket competitively in the run until the mega auction, with his final match in IPL 2021. The depreciation of Raina’s performance within the IPL was apparent when he was removed in CSK’s CSK XI for the business at the end of the season.

In the meantime, CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan stated that the team was dissatisfied that they were unable to purchase Raina in the massive auction. The 4-time champions fulfilled their 25-player limit but still had the sum of 2.90 millions at conclusion of the two-day auction.

“Raina is one of the consistent performers for CSK in the last 12 years. It was difficult for us to have Raina however in the same way it is important to understand that the composition of your team is contingent on the type and form of team any club would prefer to create. this is one of the main reasons for us to believe that he would not be the right fit for that team.” Viswanathan said.

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